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  • 83% of LinkedIn Candidates do not respond to Inmail or email. Your internal team only has access to 17% of the good people.


  • We have established relationships with the truly passive people who aren’t online and will only move when we call them.


  • The candidates your internal team sources will have multiple offers because your competitors have access to them too. Result? You get in a bidding war.


  • And then there’s XCALIBER STAFFING. We don’t charge to interview. We work completely on contingency and we are an absolute blast to work with!


  • You may dedicate 2 hours per day, sorting through the vast pool of marginally qualified candidates. We dedicate 8 hours a day, calling companies and talking to candidates that are making it happen for their companies TODAY. That is OUR talent pool. Only with a very good recruiter do you get to choose from that pool. 

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